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There are two major types of suppliers in Kwong's Art Jewellery, one is by consignment, the other is by direct purchase.

The request quantity by consignment is base on previous few months’s average usage to determine what we needs up to now through our ERP system’s calculation, once the raw material being adopted, the purchase invoice will be automatically generated at the same time.

The purchase request is base on the raw materials stock that we immediately needs to meets our production shortage.

On the other hand, become as a strategy partner of Kwong's Art Jewellery, you will have the belows benefits

  • Strong Purchase analysis reports offer by our ERP system
  • Able to manage your consignment stock accurately
  • able to control your stock status and transaction status
  • we provide comprehensive inventory control system to manage the stock
  • provides automatic, real time A/P information up-to-date
  • massive usage of raw material stock
  • we provide on time good payment terms
However, you can manage your consignment stock in peace of mind and foreseeable to receive the payments according to the terms.